Some Birds I have seen On Our Camden Campus

Pictures taken by Panasonic GS15 & GS19
Frames clipped and videos produced with Pinnacle Studio 9
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Black and White Warbler

On May 13, 2005, about lunch time, I headed over to the MAC machine in the College Center.  I went out the back door of BSB and saw this little bird wandering under the low bushes.  It's a Black and White Warbler.  I had never seen one of these before.  Looking it up in the literature it turns out to be a female - the males have a black throat and more dark streaks underneath.  It was not afraid of me, as at one point, I was about two feet away for her and she knew I was there because she was watching me.  The literature also mentions unique movement on trees similar to a nuthatch or Brown Creeper - you can see this type of motion when she is on the trunk of the pine tree and the distinct ability to move laterally on the tree trunk rather than just up and down the tree trunk like a creeper.

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Frame clipped from video Panasonic GS-15 at BSB (2005)

There are three separate videos.  The first is when I initially saw the bird and it went into a small pine tree.  There you can see the distinctive movements of this bird.  In the second clip you can see it feeding as it hangs from the branches of a pine tree.  And in the last set, it is in front of BSB wandering under the low bushes there.  This is where I was able to get the closest to her as you can see in the video.

 Tree trunk climbing
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Hanging on branches
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Close encounter
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Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-15 at BSB  (2005)

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While coming into work on Thursday May 1, 2008 I heard what I thought was a Blue Jay (it wasn't).  So I walked towards the sound which brought me into the area near Fine Arts which is a haven for birds.  No Blue Jay but I did hear something at the top of the tall trees there.  I couldn't locate the source but while looking for it I did find a Black and White Warbler and I was able to get some video.  This is the first sighting in many years.  The only other one is noted above - back in 2005. 

After looking at the video, I did have a frame or two of the bird that was at the top of the tree and it was the Black and White Warbler.  There must have been a couple or else this bird was incredibly active.  The sound I was hunting was theirs.

Video in Windows Media format 
MS Photo Story presentation Video in Real Media format

I walked into same area around lunch time still trying to track the bird at the top of the tall trees - I saw it but couldn't tell what it was.  Again I saw the Black and White Warbler scaling the branches for insects.  I also saw my first Common Yellowthroat of the season while I was watching the Ovenbirds and Catbirds.

On Friday May 2, 2008 this bird was still in the quad area around lunch time.

On Thursday morning May 15, 2008 I got some video of this bird in the trees on Third St. between BSB the the Science Building.  I first heard it in the Pine Trees along BSB.  It flew across the street into the trees along the Science Building.  I got my camera and was able to get a few seconds of video.

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