Some Birds I Have Seen On Our
Rutgers University Camden Campus

Pictures taken with Panasonic GS15 & GS19

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There are a few pairs around here.  Both had multiple broods this year.  I have seen them sitting on top of the wall structure in the parking lot of BSB.    The nesting shot here was taking late in the afternoon April 29,2005.

Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-15 (2005).  On left is at BSB and on the right was at FA.

Click here to see video of Dove feeding
Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-15   behind BSB  (2005)

Dove babies being fed.  The baby (on the right) is taking food out of the mother's mouth on the left.  There is another baby in the background.

There are two nesting sites - one by Fine Arts and one on the east side of BSB.  Both produced at least two babies.  The Fine Arts nest is a little behind in the hatching sequence.  Both nests are being used a second time and this is mid-May 2005.


A couple of times (July 2005) I have seen the Mockingbird behind BSB chasing a Dove.  I didn't think a Dove would bother any other bird. 

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On arriving in the parking lot October 5, 2006 I encountered a couple of young Doves.  I thought this was rather late in the year to see young bird.  There was one parent in the area.  The first one walked up to me and stopped about five feet from me.  The parent seemed a little anxious and the bird moved away.  A minute later a second bird walked over from the other side and I finally got out me camera.  the second bird also walked to within five feet of me - maybe closer.  There was also a squirrel trying to get some camera time and that disturbed the bird.  The first two images here were shot zoomed in.  The one picture that is chopped was shot virtually straight down.

Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-19 behind BSB  (October 5, 2006).  Mouse click on pictures to see video.

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Coming into work about 7:30 October 19, 2006, I found a Dove near my parking spot.  There were two others across the street - I think they were the younger ones mentioned above.  I parked and this bird walked up to me looking for food.  I just took some snapshots with the camera.

Pictures taken with Panasonic GS-19 behind BSB at far parking lot.  (October 19, 2006).



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