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Pictures taken with Panasonic GS15 & GS19

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Goldfinch - State Bird Of New Jersey

Digital image from Panasonic GS-15  BSB near parking lot (8/9/2005)

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Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-15  BSB near parking lot (8/9/2005).  Mouse click on pictures to see videos.

On August 9, 2005 about lunch time I took a walk over to the tennis courts to visit one of my Mockingbird "pets".  It wasn't there at that moment.  As I was standing there I noticed a small bird sitting on the seven foot high cyclone fence that surrounds a weed/wildflower covered vacant lot (behind the church next to the Ben Franklin bridge).  As I watched the bird I noticed that it seemed to have a little yellow in its coloration.  Next thing I knew two Goldfinches flew up and this third bird flew off with them to the far side of the lot.  Then I realized I had been watching a female Goldfinch.  About this time my Mockingbird flew up and I gave it some raisins.  I also pulled out my video camera and tried to get some images but the birds were out of site.  But I believed they are still in the lot area.  I walked around the church and got to the other side of the lot.  (I'm next to the far parking lot at BSB and right in front of my car.)  I saw one of the male Goldfinch and got out my camera to capture these shots.  Later in the afternoon I went back to the same area and recorded images of two males eating weed seeds.  There may have been more males there.  They are feeding on chicory seeds.



About 8:30 AM May 12, 2006 a pair of these were seen at Fine Arts.

Late in the afternoon on May 18, 2006 a female Goldfinch was seen by Fine Arts.

On June 1, 2006 Jason reported seeing one of these on the fence behind BSB as he was coming into work.


Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-19  in front of BSB (8/25/2006).  Mouse click on pictures to see videos.

About 4:30 on Friday August 25, 2006 I saw this female Goldfinch on the Coneflower seed heads in front of BSB.


Frames clipped from video Panasonic GS-19   near BSB parking lot (8/28/2006).  Mouse click on pictures to see videos.

On August 28, 2006 about 8 AM in the back parking lot of BSB I saw one male on the phone lines.  It flew off toward the Ben Franklin bridge.  I then noticed a second male on the fence across the street that surrounds the field behind the old church next to the bridge.  I got out my camera but could not get any good pictures.  While I saw doing this a House Finch chased the Goldfinch toward the bridge.  Then I noticed a small group (at least four) of male Goldfinch eating the seed on the Chicory weeds that grow in that field.  I crossed the street and found a spot to get some pictures.  I saw at least five males and one female.  After processing the video I can see seven males in it as well as one female.

On the morning of Tuesday April 3, 2007 as I was parking my car, I noticed activity in the empty lot behind the church.  There was digging equipment.  Developers are putting townhouses on the lot.  There won't be any more feeding frenzies in the lot when the Chicory goes to seed.  


Seen in front of BSB eating seeds from purple coneflowers.
Spotted by Bob on August 22, 2002


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