Some Birds I Have Seen On Our
Rutgers University Camden Campus

Pictures taken with Panasonic GS15 & GS19

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American Robin


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Frame clipped from video Panasonic GS-15  at BSB (2005), Mouse click on picture to see video.
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These birds are common but this one seems to fly up in front of me when I'm in the area.  This bird was sitting on the phone lines across the street from BSB and, as I walked along the berry trees, it decided to fly into the tree next to me.  So I was able to get  some pretty clear pictures. 

I have started to notice that there is a Robin that is not afraid of me and flew next to me this evening, April 12, 2005.  I had notice that there is one that will let me come pretty close when it is sitting on the fence in BSB.


Digital photo taken with Panasonic GS-19 at BSB (June 1, 2006).  Mouse click on picture to see video.
Around lunchtime June 1, 2006 I decided to get some new pictures of a Robin.  This one decided to pose for me.


Digital photo from Panasonic GS-19 (5/23/2007).  Mouse click on picture to see video.
I had been trying to get some shots of young birds on campus and I finally got some clear pictures of a young Robin.  This is late May 2007 near the Admissions Building.


Digital photo from Panasonic GS-19 (1/2/2008).  Mouse click on picture to see video.
Coming into work on January 2, 2008 I noticed two birds across the street from the parking lot.  I couldn't get a good look at them at first but I knew they were something unusual.  One of them flew down out of the tree and onto the curbside grass next to the fence.  I got out my camera and caught some shots of a Robin.  It's not an unusual bird except that they are warmer weather birds.  This is the day after the new year and it is really cold.  I continued walking into the second parking lot and noticed two more birds across the street high up in the large tree.  I again got out my camera but these were too far to get clear pictures.  They flew down toward the other parking lot where the first two were.  I followed them and one landed on the fence of the parking lot and I captured the image above.  So, in the dead of winter at about 20 degrees, I run into four Robins - that is something unusual.  

Coming into work on Monday morning March 10, 2008 I saw a Robin in the far parking lot.  The next two days I heard them on campus but didn't see any.  Thursday morning March 13, 2008 I saw Robin in the near parking lot and was able to get some video with the bird singing.
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Frame clipped from video Panasonic GS-19  at BSB (3/13/2008), Mouse click on picture to see video.



American Robin

On Wednesday April 9, 2008, as I was returning from the book store around lunch time, I found these two Robins on the grassy area next to the Gordon Theater.  It gave me an opportunity to note the differences in coloration between the male (on the left) and the female (on the right) American Robins.
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Digital images from video Panasonic GS-19  near Gordon Theater  (4/9/2008), Mouse click on pictures to see MS Photo Story video presentation.


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